The Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competiton

2008 “Best of Show” (Mission Blend)

2009 Gold Medal (Multiple Winners)

2010 Gold Medal, (Mission Blend)

Olive Oils of the World

“Best in Class” Gold Medal Winners


Huiles du Monde

Gold Medal Winner

Paris, France 2006

Featured in “Fine Cooking Magazine”

Back Cover, May 2006

Der Feinschmecker Magazine

Cologne, Germany 2004

“Top 35 Olive Oils of the World”


The Union – California Gold: Foothill olive farms production, quality on rise

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Appeal Democrat – Yuba County hopes food will draw ag tourists

January 2011 issue of “The Furrow” John Deere Magazine

“The perfect crush” pages 7-8

Hip New iPhone App About Olive Oil Launched

The Passionate Olive, Inc., a company dedicated to educating people about the health, beauty and dietary benefits of olive oil, has released GoEVOO®, a new iPhone™/ iTouch™ / iPad™ application that serves as a guide for California Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO). Designed for anyone who loves olive oil or wants to learn more about it, GoEVOO provides a wealth of resources, including a directory of California olive oil producers and tasting rooms, and numerous tips on how to use olive oil. GoEVOO is the first application of its kind to launch in the U.S. and retails for just $1.99.

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Steppin’ Out Issue 51

In 1997 Michael Keller was ready for a change, but didn’t

know, yet, what might come next. While living on a small family

plot in Sonoma County; he and his fiancée, Monica, pressed their

first oil with olives harvested from the abandoned trees of their

neighbors. It was love at first taste. Michael’s new passion became

a career much sooner than he imagined.

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Fine Cooking Magazine

Olive Oil: Big Flavor from Small Batches

Laura Giannatempo visits the California olive orchards of Calolea Olive Oil to find out how artisanal olive oil is produced.

The Sacramento Bee –

The 50 foods that give a signature taste to Sacramento

Over the past decade, the production of olive oil and the planting of new groves of olive trees has tripled in California, putting the state on track to catch France as one of the world’s principal olive-oil cultures. A bit more than half of that output comes from the Sacramento Valley, where brands such as California Olive Ranch, Sylverleaf, Calolea and Apollo regularly win medals in competitive tastings.

Meet the Farmers at the Folsom Thursday Night Market – 11


Farmers tell FolsomLocalNews about the produce they bring to the

Folsom Thursday Night Market.

Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competition – May 2008

Calolea wins two awards at the Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competition:

BEST OF SHOW – Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Domestic – Robust

BEST OF CLASS, GOLD MEDAL – Domestic / Mission Early Harvest Yuba County

The Union – January 9, 2008

Olive Oil: The liquid Gold Rush

There’s gold in those hills! Well, not the kind the 49ers were looking for, but valuable none the less. To food aficionados and health-conscious Americans, extra virgin olive oil is better than gold. It’s food for the gods. Olives actually only grow on about 5 percent of the world’s land. Lucky for us, the elevation, rocky soils and hot, dry summers of the Sierra foothills are perfect for growing them…

Sacramento Bee – June 22, 2005

The New Gold Rush: Valley presses ahead as producer of fine olive oil

The silvery green sheen of olive trees shimmers across the Sacramento Valley and up the gentle slopes of the Sierra foothills just to the east. Some orchards are big and tidy, others small and ragged. Several of the latter look abandoned. Some are. But maybe not for long. A new California gold rush is under way, with the Sacramento Valley the new Mother Lode, the fruit on the trees the new nuggets.