Save the Date: April 26-27 for April in Carneros @ Schug Winery, Also Special Calolea Promotion!

IMG_0221IMG_0222We can’t wait for April in Carneros at Schug Winery, we’ll be pouring
and sampling our entire line of “Award Winning” Olive Oils and Vinegars
this weekend of April 26th-27th under the big tent at gorgeous Schug Winery
in Sonoma. If you’ve never attended April in Carneros before it is completely
worth penciling into your schedule, drop everything and get to wine country!!
Over 30 prestigious wineries open their doors for one great price and have special
events over the entire weekend.


Join us on April 26 & 27 for an Open House featuring dozens of Carneros Wineries! Details and links to tickets will be posted shortly.

Date: April 26-27, 2014



Phone: (800) 909-4352

We know many of you are not in California but if you can’t make it, we can still offer
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Homemade Mustard with Calolea Habanero Olive Oil and White Balsamic Vinegar

Recipe provided by Winter Rosebudd

Homemade mustard is so easy and so much more delicious than anything store bought. You can add different ingredients after soaking your seeds overnight and flavor it any way you want!

Note, the brown mustard seeds are quite a bit hotter than the yellow, so adjust according to your taste. I used equal parts in this recipe, along with a tablespoon of habanero oil, so this one packs a punch and that’s how we like it around here!

I recommend getting the best and freshest mustard seeds you can. They keep awhile, but lose potency after 4-6 months.

Calolea Habanero oil and Ale mustard

1/2 cup brown mustard seeds
1/2 cup yellow mustard seeds.
3/4 cup Calolea White Balsamic VinegarIMG_6129
1/4 cup ale (any brown beer will do)

Soak seeds in above ingredients in a covered bowl on the counter overnight. You should see that the seeds have absorbed all of the liquid and are nice and plump.

Put seed mixture in a food processor and add the following ingredients…

3 fresh cloves of garlic
1 tablespoon Calolea Habanero oil (or less if you prefer)
1 tablespoon salt

Blend until the seeds start to break up and get creamy. Adjust seasoning. If it seems dry, add more vinegar or beer to taste (or whatever you can think of!). Scoop into jars and stick it in the fridge and don’t even look at it for at least a couple days. You want the flavors to combine and it just gets better over time!

Habanero Olive Oil- Just Released!!

We’re so excited for you to try our Hottest new product!! You asked us for Hot and we listened, so get your Habanero Olive Oil while it lasts. We did not produce huge quantities this year, but we will gauge the sales for next years harvest.

Club members will receive Habanero oil in their next shipments.

This oil is HOT!! Please use sparingly mixed in sauces, condiments, marinades, mustards or drizzled over soup. Habanero Olive Oil

You can place your orders at Or at our
local farmers markets soon. Auburn, Roseville, Sunnyvale, Kaiser: Fremont and Oakland

East Bay Retail Locations


Calolea Olive Oils are available in these established East Bay retail locations.

Village Market – 5885 Broadway Terrace, Oakland (510) 547-3200

Piedmont Grocery- 4038 Piedmont Ave, Oakland · (510) 653-8181

Berkeley Bowl- 920 Heinz Ave, Berkeley · (510) 898-9555

Someone’s in the Kitchen- 6128 La Salle Ave, Piedmont · (510) 339-3837

Calolea Garlic Mud Rubbed Potatoes, A Winter Mullender recipe.

All I did was get some big fat Yukon Golds. Washed em, poked em with a fork. Make a thickish paste, I say about 4 Tbls of garlic oil to about 1 Tblsp each of big chunky course grey salt and fresh course ground pepper. You want to be able to rub the skin of the potatoes a bit with your hands. Roll the taters around in the bowl of delicious mud, rub and sand the skin with the chunky mixture and try to pack some of the mixture on them before setting them directly on the rack of a 400 degree oven. Bake 25-35 minutes depending on the size of your potatoes.-21 -22 -23

Holiday Indulgence- Save the date, Saturday December 14th 12-5pm

You’re cordially invited to join Calolea Olive Oil, Hickman Family Vineyards and Bangor Ranch for

a Holiday Cheer Open House on December 14th 12-5PMgift bag cache_4026670704 Each Farm will be open for tasting

and shopping.  We will have delicious appetizers and wines to pair with them, and great shopping

promotions for the day.  Shop with your local artisans, it will be fun and free!!

Calolea Olive Oil- 68 Tennessee Lane Bangor (530) 682-2002

Hickman Family Vineyard- 77 Orange Ave. Bangor (530) 679-0679

Bangor Ranch (Wines)- 5768 La Porte Road Bangor

We look forward to seeing you!!!



Mountain Mandarin Festival and Sonoma’s Holiday in Carneros approaching!! November 22-24th

Calolea Olive oil will be showcasing their full line of products at both of these

wonderful events, they are the same weekend, but luckily they are up and running

for 2-3 days, so you could attend both if you wanted.  Michael and Monica Keller will

be pouring olive oil at Schug Winery during “Holiday in Carneros”, one of our favorite events!!schugmmf13F

  1. Holiday in Carneros 2013 – November 23 & 24, 2013 Tickets …

    Holiday in Carneros is an exciting, multi-winery open house event. Once you check-in (at the winery you selected when purchasing tickets) you will travel from winery …

    Mary Pierce will be hosting a booth at in Auburn.  She will be releasing

    our “Mandarin Balsamic Vinegar”  for the event…..oh yeah!!

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